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StratoSphere Details Inside Projection Dome Uses of StratoSphere 360 Degree Projection Laser Light Shows Opera Ball Picture Gallery Backdrop Inside a Venue Daytime Drive-In Movies Setup Video Clips FAQ'SSTRATOSPHERE  DOMES  ARE  NOW  BASED  IN  EUROPE,  NORTH AMERICA  AND  THE  MIDDLE  EAST!   BOOK  US  NOW  FOR  YOUR  EVENT  ANYWHERE  AROUND THE GLOBE. 

The StratoSphere Interactive Multimedia 360-Degree Video and Laser Projection Domes and Immersive Video Air Domes for Large Format Outdoor and Indoor Projection Set a New Standard in Entertainment and Promotions.

For Special Events, Video, Cinema, Immersive Video Experiences, Show Venues, Film & Laser Shows, Trade Shows, Product Launches and National Day Shows Around the Globe







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The StratoSphere Video Dome is a unique giant translucent globe with full 360-degrees of multimedia video projection screen. This projection venue, or marquee, provides a full 360-degrees of viewing experience from either inside or outside for a total of 720 degrees of amazing giant screen immersion. The StratoSphere screen is over four times larger than IMAX!

Large Portable Video Venues—set up anywhere on the planet!  Inside, outside, on pavement, grass or even on a barge at sea. 


The StratoSphere Video Dome is now available for special events, concert and event tours, 360-degree billboards, corporate trade shows, music concerts, jazz festivals, laser light shows, fairs, product launches, corporate events, sports events, trade conventions, fashion shows, Mardi Gras Galas, VIP parties, or anywhere your company wants to dominate the show. The StratoSphere can also be used indoors—so you will command attention from anywhere in the hall, the StratoSphere or one of her sister domes is the one show item that you must have.


Now you can replace water screens, dancing aquatic fountains, large outdoor movie screens and other show items that are sensitive to the wind conditions. The StratoSphere Movie Screen keeps the show together when wind guest abound. Large Inflatable Movie Screens, Water Screens and Dancing Aquatic Fountains all suffer or fail when the wind reaches 15 or more miles per hour. Do not let your show be lost because the product cannot perform in even a moderate weather challenge.

StratoSphere Multimedia Video Projection Air Domes are available for shows, rental and hire internationally. Replace your tent or marquee with the air dome that gets your company on television, maximum exposure and creates memorable events.

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Absolute Hollywood is the StratoSphere Air Dome manufacture and provides video and movie projection in the StratoSphere Video Dome and other Interactive Projection Domes and Spheres. Absolute Hollywood creates and provides StratoSphere Video Projection Domes Service and Shows around the Globe. Large Outdoor Video and Projections Sphere and Dome Shows in USA, Europe, Asia and Middle East. London UK, Montreal Canada, Dubai, Singapore Air Domes.