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Absolute Hollywood is the Leading Provider of Spectacular Global Shows, Services, Products and Entertainment Featuring the StratoSphere Video Projection Domes, Video Projection Spheres, Video Domes, Air Domes, Outdoor Projection Screens, Laser Light Shows and Large Snow Globes

Complete Show Production, Start to Finish with Video Creation:

• Large Multi-Media Video Projection Formats, Indoors & Outdoors

• Portable Digital Cinema Movie Projection Screens

• StratoSphere 360 Degree Projection Domes and Spheres

• StratoSphere Laser Light Shows, Video Domes

• Large Interactive Snow Globes for Public Entry

• Video Projection spheres Shapes and Video Screens

• Inflatable Laser Projection Screens for Laser Shows

• Digital Projection in 3-D on StratoSphere Air Domes

• Dazzling Breakthroughs in Giant Art and Family Fun.

• Giant Six Story Video Projection Domes, Ultimate VIP

• Portable Multimedia Venues & Marquees for Permanent Installation or Road Tours



Creator of  the 360-Degree StratoSphere Video Projection Dome, DoubleDome, Quad-Domes, Vision-Sphere, Hovering Projection Dome and Interactive Snow Globes.


Large Outdoor Projection Domes

Video Domes and Interactive Spheres

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Our Global Commitment to Creating Unique Events:

• Absolute Hollywood provides services and products anywhere in the world. StratoSphere Projection Anywhere!

• Complete StratoSphere show packages from small to large

• Contribute by providing services and products for other entertainment companies

• Support and work with national and international companies

• We work closely with production companies and producers providing select services and products to their clients.


Absolutely Wild StratoSphere Projection Domes,  Video Air Domes, Multimedia Venues, 3D Spheres, Video Projection Spheres, ,Air Domes and Large Interactive Snow Globes.

For more information on StratoSphere Projection Domes: StratoSphere Projection Dome

For Air Dome Manufacture and Video Dome Projection Domes: Air Dome Manufacture

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Visit our Main Web Site for Multiple

Interactive Video Domes & Shows


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StratoSphere Multimedia Projection Domes

Crystal Balls for Models

3-D Projection Screens

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Hovering 360 Degree Projections Sphere

Large Interactive Snow Globes and Display Spheres

Double Dome Interior Video Projections

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Air Domes 100 Meters

360 Degree Laser Projection Domes and Laser Spheres

Space Adventures


• Special Events for Product Launches • Architectural Art Designs • Expositions • Amusement Parks • Attractions • Corporate Events • Sports Events & Venues • Festivals • Entertainment Centers • Hollywood Galas • Laser Light Shows • StratoSphere Projection Domes • Music Concerts • StratoSphere Video Domes • Video Projection Screens Theme Parks • National Day Shows • Trade Shows Exhibit Boot Projection • Planetariums • State Fairs • Museums


The Houston Grand Opera Ball Cinderella Experience Houston Grand Opera Ball, the Cinderella Experience

Laser Light Shows in the Laser Dome: Laser Light Show on Laser Dome

Video Dome Pictures and Projection Effects StratoSphere Projection and Video Dome Pictures

Inside of the StratoSphere Projection Dome Inside StratoSphere Projection Dome

 StratoSphere Video Dome Pictures During The Daytime

More StratoSphere Air Domes and StratoSphere Video Domes and Shows


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Absolute Hollywood is the StratoSphere Air Dome Manufacture and provides video projection and movie projection in the StratoSphere Video Dome and other Interactive Projection Domes and Spheres.

Absolute Hollywood creates and provides StratoSphere Video Projection Domes Service and Shows around the Globe. Large Outdoor Video and Projections Sphere and Dome Shows in USA, Europe, Asia and Middle East. London UK, Montreal Canada, Dubai, Singapore Air Domes.



























Global Service includes, but is not limited to the following cities: Tokyo, Japan, Yokohama, Japan, Seoul Inchon, South Korea, Mexico City, Mexico, Osaka-Kobe-Kyoto, Japan, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Bombay, India, Los Angeles, California, Cairo, Egypt, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Manila-Quezon City, Philippines, Moscow, Russia, Calcutta, India, Jakarta, Indonesia, London, Great Britain, Shanghai, China, Delhi, India, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Istanbul, Turkey, Paris, France, Taipei, Rep. of China, Bogota, Colombia, Bangkok, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Essen Germany, Dortmund, Germany, Johannesburg, South Africa, St. Petersburg, Russia, Nagoya, Japan, Madrid, Spain, Alexandria, Egypt, Toronto, Canada, Barcelona, Spain, Caracas, Venezuela, Berlin, Germany, Belo Horizonte, Brazil, Guadalajara, Mexico, Sydney, Australia, Pusan, South Korea, Milan, Italy, Monterrey, Mexico, Montreal, Canada, Porto Alegre, Brazil, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Casablanca, Morocco, Kyyiv (Kiyev), Ukraine, Melbourne, Australia, Recife, Brazil, Rome, Italy, Ankara, Turkey, Athens, Greece, Singapore, Singapore, Cape Town, South Africa, Naples (Napoli), Italy, Salvador, Brazil, Katowice, Poland, Fortaleza, Brazil, Lisbon, Portugal, Bucharest, Romania, Sapporo, Japan, Surat, India, Donets'k, Ukraine, London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Liverpool, Sheffield, Nottingham, Bristol, Brighton, Leichester, Portsmouth, Middlesbrough, Stoke-On-Trent, Bournemouth, Reading, Coventry, Kingston Upon Hull, Southampton, England, Great Britain, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Scotland, France, Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Toulouse, Nice, France, Germany, Berlin, Hamburg, Muchen, Koln, Frankfurt, Essen, Dortmund, Stuttgart, Dusseldorf, Bremen, Duisburt, Hannover, Nurnbert, Dresden, Poland, Leipzig, Bochum, Wuppertal, Bielefeld, Mannheim, Bonn Germany, Wien, Austria, Graz, Antwerpen Belgium, Kobenhavn, Helsinki, Finland, Athinai, Thessaloniki, Budapest, Hungary, Magyar, Debrecen, Dublin, Roma, Rome, Itilia, Italy, Milano, Napoli, Torino, Palermo, Gonova, Torino, Palermo, Genova, Bologna, Firenze, Catania, Bari, Venezia, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Netherlands, Gravenhage, Oslo, Warszawa, Lodz, Krakow, Wroclaw, Poznan, Lisboa, Portugal, Porto, Moskya, Sankt Peterburg, Novosibirsk, Jekaterinburg, Samara, Ninzij Novgorod, Samara, Omsk, Stockholm, Goteborg, Malmo, Zurich, Geneve, Basel, Bern, Madrid, Spain Barcelona, Valencia, Sevilla, Zaragoza, Malaga, Murcia, Las Palmas, Bilbao, Palma De Mallorca, Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa, Adana, Turkey.
United States service includes, but is not limited to the following US Cities: Los Angeles CA, Riverside CA, Orange County, CA, Chicago IL, Gary IN, Kenosha, IL IN WI, Washington DC, Baltimore MD, San Francisco CA, Oakland CA, San Jose, CA Philadelphia PA, Wilmington DE, Atlantic City NJ, Boston MA, Worcester MA, Lawrence, MA NH ME CT, Detroit MI, Ann Arbor MI, Flint, MI Dallas TX, Fort Worth, TX Houston TX, Galveston TX, Brazoria, TX, Atlanta, GA, Miami FL, Fort Lauderdale, FL, Seattle WA, Tacoma WA, Bremerton, WA, Phoenix Mesa, AZ, Minneapolis NM, St. Paul WI, Cleveland OH, Akron, OH, San Diego, CA, St. Louis, MO IL, Denver Boulder CO, Greeley, CO, San Juan PR, Caguas PR, Arecibo, PR, Tampa FL, St. Petersburg FL, Clearwater, FL, Pittsburgh, PA, Portland Salem, OR WA, Cincinnati OH, Hamilton, OH KY IN, Sacramento Yolo, CA, Kansas City, MO KS, Milwaukee Racine, WI, Orlando, FL, Indianapolis, IN, San Antonio, TX, Norfolk Virginia Beach VA, Newport News, VA, Las Vegas, NV, Columbus, OH Charlotte NC, Gastonia Rock Hill, SC, New Orleans, LA, Salt Lake City Ogden, UT, Greensboro NC, Winston-Salem NC, High Point, NC, Austin San Marcos, TX, Nashville, TN, Providence RI, Fall River Warwick, RI MA, Raleigh Durham Chapel Hill, NC, Hartford, CT, Buffalo Niagara Falls, NY, Memphis, TN AR MS, West Palm Beach Boca Raton, FL, Jacksonville, FL, Rochester, NY, Grand Rapids Muskegon Holland, MI, Oklahoma City, OK, Louisville, KY IN, Richmond Petersburg, VA, Greenville Spartanburg Anderson, SC, Dayton Springfield, OH, Fresno, CA, Birmingham, AL, Honolulu, HI, Hollywood TX, Albany Schenectady Troy, NY, Tucson, AZ, Tulsa, OK, Syracuse, NY, Omaha, NE IA, Albuquerque, NM, Knoxville, TN, El Paso, TX, Bakersfield, CA, Allentown Bethlehem Easton, PA, Harrisburg Lebanon Carlisle, PA, Scranton Wilkes-Barre Hazleton, PA, Toledo, OH, Baton Rouge, LA, Youngstown Warren, OH, Springfield, MA, Sarasota Bradenton, FL, Little Rock North Little Rock, AR, McAllen Edinburg Mission, TX, Stockton Lodi, CA, Charleston North Charleston, SC, Wichita, KS, Mobile, AL, Columbia, SC, Colorado Springs, CO, Fort Wayne, IN, Daytona Beach, FL, Lakeland Winter Haven, FL, Johnson City Kingsport Bristol, TN VA, Lexington, KY, Augusta Aiken, GA SC, Melbourne Titusville Palm Bay, FL, Lancaster, PA, Chattanooga, TN GA, Des Moines, IA, Kalamazoo Battle Creek, MI, Lansing East Lansing, MI, Modesto, CA Fort Myers Cape Coral, FL, Jackson, MS, Boise City, ID, Madison, WI, Spokane, WA, Pensacola, FL, Canton Massillon, OH, Saginaw Bay City Midland, MI, Salinas, CA, Santa Barbara Santa Maria Lompoc, CA, Shreveport Bossier City, LA, Lafayette, LA, Beaumont Port Arthur, TX, York, PA, Corpus Christi, TX, Reading, PA, Rockford, IL, Provo Orem, UT, Visalia Tulare Porterville, CA, Biloxi Gulfport Pascagoula, MS, Ponce, PR, Davenport Moline Rock Island, IA IL, Appleton Oshkosh Neenah, WI, Peoria Pekin, IL, Huntsville, AL, Hickory Morganton Lenoir, NC, Reno, NV, Brownsville Harlingen San Benito, TX, Montgomery, AL, Springfield, MO, Eugene Springfield, OR, Macon, GA, Fort Pierce Port St. Lucie, FL, Huntington Ashland, WV KY OH, Killeen Temple, TX, Fayetteville Springdale Rogers, AR, Fayetteville, NC, Utica Rome, NY, Evansville Henderson, IN KY, New London Norwich, CT RI, Savannah, GA Tallahassee, FL Erie, PA, Columbus, GA AL, South Bend, IN, Anchorage, AK, Ocala, FL, Mayaguez, PR, Binghamton, NY, Charleston, WV, Fort Collins Loveland, CO, Naples, FL, Lincoln, NE, San Luis Obispo, Atascadero, Paso Robles, CA, Duluth Superior, MN, WI, Portland, ME, Lubbock, TX, Odessa Midland, TX, Roanoke, VA, Wilmington, NC, Johnstown, PA, Green Bay, WI, Asheville, NC, Yakima, WA, Gainesville, FL, Amarillo, TX, Lynchburg, VA, Waco, TX, Merced, CA, Longview Marshall, TX, Fort Smith, AR OK, Clarksville KY, Hopkinsville KY, Chico Paradise, CA, Springfield, IL, Myrtle Beach, SC, Houma, LA, Laredo, TX, Richlan Kennewick Pasco, WA, Cedar Rapids, IA, Lake Charles, LA, Lafayette, IN, Elkhart Goshen, IN, Medford Ashland, OR, Champaign Urbana, IL, Mansfield, OH Tyler, TX, Las Cruces, NM, Fargo, Moorhead, ND, MN Sioux Falls, SD, Fort Walton Beach, FL, Topeka, KS, Burlington, VT, St. Cloud, MN, Bellingham, WA, Tuscaloosa, AL, Redding, CA, Barnstable Yarmouth, MA, Benton Harbor, MI Yuma, AZ, Charlottesville, VA, Jackson, MI, Joplin, MO, Lima, OH, Athens, GA, Wheeling, WV OH, Bryan College Station, TX, Janesville Beloit, WI, Parkersburg WV, Marietta, OH , Bloomington Normal, IL, Jacksonville, NC, Terre Haute, IN, Eau Claire, WI, Panama City, FL, Santa Fe, NM, Monroe, LA, Aguadilla, PR, Decatur, AL, Rocky Mount, NC, Florence, AL, Punta Gorda, FL, Pueblo, CO, Wichita Falls, TX, Jamestown, NY, Yuba City, CA, Dothan, AL, State College, PA, Columbia, MO, Greenville, NC, Steubenville, Weirton, OH, WV, Texarkana, TX, Texarkana, AR, Billings, MT, Altoona, PA ,Waterloo Cedar Falls, IA, La Crosse, WI—MN, Dover, DE, Abilene, TX, Alexandria, LA, Wausau, WI, Florence, SC, Glens Falls, NY, Rochester, MN, Sioux City, IA, NE, Flagstaff, AZ—UT, Albany, GA, Bloomington, IN, Sharon, PA, Williamsport, PA, Muncie, IN, Grand Junction, CO, Auburn Opelika, AL, Lawton, OK, Decatur, IL, Goldsboro, NC, Sheboygan, WI, Anniston, AL, Hattiesburg, MS, Iowa City, IA, Sherman Denison, TX, Danville, VA, Jackson, TN, Sumter, SC, San Angelo, TX, Gadsden, AL, St. Joseph, MO, Cumberland, MD, Kokomo, IN, Lawrence, KS, Grand Forks, ND—MN, Missoula, MT, Bismarck, ND, Owensboro, KY, Elmira, NY, Bangor, ME Lewiston Auburn, ME Dubuque, IA Rapid City, SD, Pittsfield, MA, Pine Bluff, AR, Hollywood TX, Victoria, TX Jonesboro, AR, Cheyenne, WY, Great Falls, MT, Corvallis, OR, Pocatello, ID Casper, WY, Enid OK.  Absolute Hollywood creates and provides StratoSphere Video Projection Domes Service and Shows around the Globe. Large Outdoor Video and Projections Sphere and Dome Shows in USA, Europe, Asia and Middle East. London UK, Montreal Canada, Dubai, Singapore Air Domes.  020080722